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Meet Shelley
 "I will create solutions to propel you forward."

Over the past 25 years, Shelley has been at the forefront of innovation in the beauty business. She owned a successful spa, conducted training classes, and currently has an e-commerce skin care business. From her earliest days as an Esthetician, she has made it her mission to share her knowledge and expertise with up-and-coming Estheticians and business owners.






While working with an individual or spa, my approach is similar to performing a facial treatment.


Using my CARES program, we will begin with a consultation to establish your specific needs, analyze the situation, and work on a plan to resolve the issues. Next, we will execute the plan to ensure you succeed.

Specializing in one-on-one coaching

for Estheticians or those starting

or growing a spa or medi-spa

You have started a business and need to grow

You are interested in entering the beauty industry and want to walk through the scenario of becoming an Esthetician

You have completed school and are not sure what next steps to take

You are stuck in a spa-rut and want to explore additional options

You are not getting hired for the position you want

Why This Benefits You
Client Appreciation

Laurie L.

''Shelley is an industry veteran familiar with every aspect of creating success with skin care. She has a wealth of real-world experience that can benefit anyone from start-up mode to successful expansion to winding down a skin care business. Her entrepreneurial creativity and possibility thinking drove her to become a valuable advisor in product formulation, branding, production, and distribution. I have relied on Shelley’s advice and guidance over the past 12 years at different stages of my skin care career.
We have brainstormed together many times, and her insights and support have always proven to be of tremendous value."

Elizabeth L.

"I interned with Shelley as a student at Cinta Aveda while studying esthetics. I learned more practical information from Shelley in the few weeks she graciously allowed me to shadow her than I had in my entire program. That is not an overstatement - that is how effective she was as my teacher. Shelley has worked in every area of the industry - from being an employer to an employee and building an effective product line. She does so with an open heart and gentle sense of humor. I look forward to her mentoring me for many years to come."

V. Elias

Pleasant Hill, CA

"Five stars ***** I highly recommend Shelley! Working with her has been instrumental to my growth as an Esthetician. We have worked together on a variety of subjects for my different needs. From hands-on technical assistance to discussions about my career trajectory. Shelley has a knack for inspiring those around her to do great things. She helps you realize your dreams and do things you may have been afraid to do. I think of her as a long-term relationship (friend) and investment in my career. I make it a point to call her for periodic check-ins, and anytime I need support in a big decision or need an idea."

P. Stitts

San Francisco, CA

"I have worked with Shelley for two years. She is educated, well-rounded and very knowledgeable about the skin care business. She is driven, focused, and truly cares about her clients. Shelley is bright, brilliant, and very influential. She is always positive and uplifting. She encourages the people around her and is always motivating them to be better and to reach for their dreams."

K. Jarvis

San Francisco, CA

"As a recent graduate, I was very unsure of what I wanted out of life. Shelley was so easy to talk to and truly guided our conversation to figure out my strengths and my passions. Through her experience as a business owner, she gave me very realistic expectations of starting my own business and provided great advice to build my personal brand. Thanks to Shelley, I now have the right mindset to move forward on my journey to becoming a force in the beauty industry."

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